Saturday, July 26, 2014

What exactly is this entire thing and what's the best way to work it?

By this entire thing I mean all of existence.  In my view there isn't a good answer at this point as to what existence - including all things that exist (planets, galaxies, bears, Seinfeld episodes, donuts - to name a few things) - might be at a deeper level or what purpose or ultimate meaning all of this might serve.  We are fairly certain however that individual human beings live for a relatively short time compared to the time scale of the universe - around 70-90 years at best, and are never seen again.  In light of the mystery that we exist in, and the relatively short amount of time each of us has for living, the best use of that time should be a positive one - work with other people, help other people, and enjoy living life.  This blog will point out and celebrate some positive aspects of existence.  I hope you will find it useful and or at least entertaining.

- Sujewa

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