Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Idea - Part 1

If we start with the idea that life, & living, specially as a human being, is generally a good thing, a useful thing, an enjoyable thing - or at least a thing with potential for such activities, then we can separate all things in the universe into two groups - positive (of use to human existence) and negative (against human existence, or against positive - useful, and enjoyable - human existence).  When the world, the universe, and human existence is viewed through this perspective, it is possible to see that much work needs to be done (both on an individual scale and on a global scale, plus every scale in between) in order to improve living conditions, and to help create useful and meaningful existences or lives for all humans.  Obviously this is an epic field of thought, ideas, and activities.  In this blog I will explore, little by little, thoughts and actions related to the idea of living a positive life, leading a positive existence, as a human, on Earth (and beyond of course, when such opportunities arise).

Every individual may have a different notion of what is positive and what is negative.  And how those ideas relate to human existence.  The following are some of the starting points for my version of positive human life, living, existence:

1 - Human life does not have one special meaning.  It is a thing with many possibilities, options, and space in which to create meaning.  Through individual choice & actions, or sometimes due to external circumstance, an individual is able to create or give meaning - one or several meanings - reasons for being, good uses of ones life, etc - to life.

2 - All humans are one community, and one type of being.  All divisions are temporary, may be related to various political projects, and are to be transcended as soon as possible.  The best, and most useful, way for an individual to relate to rest of humanity is to think of it as one very large family (or, if that idea sounds absurd, one very large community).  Ideas created to control various groups of people for various purposes - race theory, religious tribalism, etc - should be rejected in favor of both a positive view that values individual human existence and the existence of the billions strong human community throughout Earth.

More coming soon...

- Sujewa

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